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The jewel of crypto WDiamond (DMDW) puts power back to the people by facilitating transfer of value anywhere in the world instantly, securely and at near zero cost without the need for a centralized trusted third party. This modern age rewarding monetary system with its network protocols, infrastructure and services creates new economic opportunity for all.

Why choose WDiamond (DMDW)?

Newer, faster and much more extended WDiamond (DMDW)is coming. Build and deploy next generation business with Smart Contracts.

Use ultra secure offline staking and manage your finances with platform agnostic wallet.

Get finance for protocol improvements via new budgeting system. Become a part of decentralized autonomous organisation and participate in on-chain decision making.

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Support: Metamask, Trustwallet

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Get 10 $DMDW (~ 100$) instant tokens

Purchase Tokens

0.01BNB = 50 $DMDW (~ 500$)

1BNB = 5,000 $DMDW (~ 5,000$)

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Payment options

Multiple payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer (SWIFT, SEPA, ACH, Faster Payments), cryptocurrency

Dedicated support via email, phone, and live chat around the clock to answer your questions at any time

Accepted in any token

Pay your gas with virtually any token.

With WDIAMOND’s flexible fee tokens, you can settle transactions with BNB, Litecoin, BTC, ETH, and more.


WDiamond network has been designed to be excellent for quick transfer of value. Second layer Masternode network significantly reduces confirmation time making DMDW a cost effective and convenient global remittance system.


WDiamond has been consistently developing and growing its brand. DMDW can take your enterprise to another level; use it to promote your business, drive customer engagement and become a part of the new economy


Security lies at the core of WDiamond. Its code is fully auditable, verifiable and transparent. Also a well incentivized global and decentralized network with its strong cryptographic algorithms keeps the blockchain immutable and your funds safe.


WDiamond protocol rewards not only those who run network supporting services but also other contributors to the development of a wider ecosystem. Whichever path you choose WDiamond has plenty to offer in this new blockchian economy.

Eco Friendly

WDiamond has environmentally friendly approach by powering its network with green protocols and lightweight software which not only significantly reduce carbon footprint but also dramatically lowers electricity consumption.


Become a part of wider DMDW WDiamond ecosystem that provides additional network services such as QuickTX. By locking a certain amount of coins and running a dedicated service node you get more regular payouts

Exchanging value

Trade, build, diversify your position on various open markets in crypto and national currency pairs. DMDW WDiamond is avaliable on both centralised and decentralized exchanges.